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Re: My baby just started crying when I lay him down to sleep. Separation anxiety??

My YDS is 8mo and he's teething like a mad man!!! 2-3 teeth at a time! UGH!!! His sleeping has been awful!!!

However, I agree with PP, I think he KNOWS who you are and that he just wants you. He his mama! Both my boys are little poops about that. DH can put them down and they don't care, my mom can, my sister can, but if I do it... FORGET IT! We started doing a routine for bedtime with YDS so he knows this is what happens everyday before I go to that crib thing they stick me in! Bathtime, bottle time while I rub some lotion and get him dressed, rock with his blanket for 10min in his room and then bed! It seems to help. We had to do it with ODS too until he was about 18mo old. Now he has a different routine, but our boys tend to do better on routines.
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