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Re: EasyLunchBoxes

Originally Posted by calideedle View Post
The only thing I do not like about the EasyLunchBoxes is they don't fit in DS1s lunch box with room for a drink and his morning snack.

I guess I have to go out tonight and try and find a bigger lunchbox to hold this stuff. Ugh!

I do have a Laptop Lunches Bento System arriving Thursday so we'll see.
Ugh, that's a bummer.

Last year DS had a Thomas the Train lunch box. I couldn't fit anything in it! Well, more than one thing was tricky. Where the smokestack of Thomas was, I had to make the drink bottle stick up there. Sandwich container had to be one of those wonderbread ones, anything bigger wouldn't fit, and it had to be standing up and against the back. Then I could fit one baggie of something in there. SOOOO glad to see that go at the garage sale!
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