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Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!

My preemie DFS "L" (not allowed to use his name) was born at 34 weeks because his mom was high on heroin. He was in the NICU for 22 days, having developed staph sepsis, and being on oxygen. He was 4 pounds 12 ounces at birth. We got him at 26 days.

DFS never ate well from the beginning. We fed him 1.5 ounces every 90 minutes around the clock in the beginning. He really would only eat if he was asleep, and would fight the bottle terribly. The ped thought it was reflux, gave him meds, and dismissed us as being drama filled because he was gaining weight. Well, it was because we were killing ourselves to get him to eat!

Finally, at 4 months he stopped eating all together. We took him to Riley Children's Hospital where they put in an NG, and determined that he was aspirating. Once he got the NG, he started puking 8-12 times a day. Not refluxing, but a full out puke. We had to feed him every 45 minutes to keep anything down him. We had the NG for 3 months, then they placed a Bard-style G tube. At 15 months, they put in a G-J to help with the vomitting, but he still puked up bile. So then they added a stomach drain to create a nissen without actually doing one. Then we added Zofran to help with the dryheaving that ensued.

He has been in EI speech, OT, and PT since 3 months old, but still takes nothing by mouth. If you put food in his mouth, he vomits, which is sad because he wants to feed himself Cheetos. He then gags on them. He also has SMOs, and is on neb treatments for asthma. He was able to independently sit at about 10 months, crawl at about 13 months, and walk (still unsteady) at about 16 months. He is on his G-J pump 20 hours a day.

We've had H1N1, RSV, and several bouts of C-diff this winter, but hopefully we are over the worst of the complications now!
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