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Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!

Hi everyone! I am a very proud stay at home mom of 5, 3 of my babies were preemies and all for different reasons...
Baby #1 my only daughter, was full term (39 weeks) 7lbs, 0oz
Baby #2 was 35 weeks, had a subchorionic hemmorrage that burst at 14 weeks, he was 5lbs, 7oz at birth and spent 10 days in special care due to jaundice and feeding issues
Baby#3 was full term (39 weeks induction), 6lbs 4oz
Baby #4 was born at 33 weeks due to low amniotic fluid and my doctor mistakingly inducing me (thought I was 2-3 weeks further along, did an internal exam not realizing I was already 2cms dilated, went into labour that night!)...he was 4lbs, 11oz and spent 3 weeks in special care
Baby #5 was 29 weeks, due to 2 subchorionic hemmorrages that ended up causing an irritable uterus, my water broke at 28 weeks and I was hospitalized and labour stopped 2 more times before he was born 5 days later...
Proud Stay-at-home-mama to 6 (including 4 preemies 29-35 weeks); who enjoys reading, homeschooling/unschooling and trying to make everyday as stress-free as possible for my 2 precious sons with Autism
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