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Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!

Hello my name is Christina. E was born at 32 weeks and 1 day. I have a heart condition that was starting to worsen then I got pre eclampsia. At my last ob appointment my blood pressure was 160/109. So they admitted me into the hospital to watch my blood pressure and test my urine. Well neither was good so 3 days after I was admitted my son was born via c section. He was 3 lbs 1oz and 15 inches long. he was such a little guy. He did really well only needing room air and he just needed to learn how to eat. He had jaundice for a bit too. He was there I believe for 45 days, the longest days ever. I thought they would never end and now hes 13.5 months old. Hes been home for a whole year now :-D.
He has had no delays, no signs he was born so early. He is my happy healthy rockin' toddler. He is the light of my life and his dads, we couldn't imagine life without him. He is very much our miracle in more ways then one.


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