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Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!

My Daughter was born at 32 weeks and 2 days. To start off our story, at age 21 I had one ovary removed due to a large dermoid tumor surrounding it. I have HBP, Hypothyroidism and Asthma (all controlled with meds). Found out I was pregnant and instantly started showing! Honestly I asked the Ultrasound tech to check the screen a million times for more than 1 baby! Morning sickness for 4 months, all day and night! Then got a few weeks break from puking only for it to start up again, but not as bad. At my 13week ultrasound the tech saw something-determined it to be an 8" fybroid behind my cervix. At 24 weeks I was hopitalized over night for Very high blood pressure, released the following day and ordered to be on bedrest with weekly nonstress tests. Sent to the high risk clinic a few weeks later (28weeks I think). Over the course of my pregnancy I had a total of 8 ultrasounds. Just a few days shy of 32 weeks I was at a clinic appt when I did the Protein test and the color result was sooooo dark it was off the chart! YIKES! I was admitted to L & D for observation, where I spent 3 nights. Received the shots to boost babys lung development the first night and second night. The morning of July 5, I was told to call my family - baby was gonna be delivered that day. I had the fybroid, several preeclampsia and severe urtic protein, plus the amniotic fluid had dropped. My lil 3lb 13oz daughter Graciela was born via Emerg Csection. She was 18inches long. Came out bum first and holding her umblical cord in her hand, crying. During the Csection my BP was sooo high,over 200, the DR actually turned the monitor so I couldnt see it, and they kept pumping my IV full of more meds so I wouldnt have seizures. DD was taken to NICU where she was on CPAP for a few hours and tube fed thru her nose. She was very fisty! Pulled out her feeding tube and IV several times. Was under the Lights for Jaundice for 1 day. She remained in NICU for 7days before being transfered to a level 2 Special Care Nursery closer to home where she stayed for another 2 weeks. Following delivery I remained in hospital for 6 days, they were having trouble getting my BP to go down. I was home for a week, then hospitalized for another 6 days with a blood clot in my leg. I had daily lovnox injections in my stomach and on warfarin for 6 months after that. I still have trouble with the swelling and pain in my leg and wear a support stocking.
At 22 days old when Graciela came home she was 4lbs 15oz. Today she is 2 years old and 29lbs and almost 34inches tall. She did have reflux til about 8months corrected. She still doesnt sleep thru the night! Sometimes has night terrors. I find whenever she gets sick it settles in her chest, and when she gets a cough/cold she vomits frequently. She has all 20 teeth and talks non stop! She is also a picky eater and lacks protein in her diet, so she gets a protein powder in her milk once a day and also has trouble with constipation, she gets colace drops daily.
I'd post more pics, if I could figure out how (Someone PM me please with info- thanks)

Single Mommy to Graciela (07-05-08) Born at 32 weeks
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