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Re: Those with older kids in carseats/boosters...

my son is only 7 yet he weighs 85 pounds and his butt is still in a booster... and when his friends ride with us I put their butts in seats too! haha...I am a car seat freak! so they have to do it in my car, my son doesnt know the difference..everyone ALWAYS says isn't he too big for this?? or when does he get to get out of this response is well it goes upto 100 pounds so when he hits the limit...a lot of his 6 year old friends don't use boosters due to our law only requiring until age 6 and I make no excetions in my car..I have plenty of seats always taivens seat and then spares in the back (trunk) they don't put up a fuss at all either I have gotten a TON of moms to put their kids back into boosters that didnt know the benefits after age 6...I love when that happens! far as getting past the embarrassments I always say well, hunny I love you and you are safest in this seat, many other parents don't know how important it is to keep their kids in a booster for a long time, and I want to make sure you are as safe as possible....
Back when he rode on a bus to feild trips I made him use the britax laptop and the school looked at me like i was from another planet but I just said have you seen the news lately? all the bus accidents kids being flung left and need to use it or I will drive him myself
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