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Re: Boys and hair length, what do you do?

I want so badly to grow my sons hair out but his head is so large once it is in the in between stage it is too mcuh for me to bear my child looking scragly and ungroomed so i usually go like a year with no cut then I force a cut and I always regret it everytime and start the regrowth process..although this last time I realized it would be best all around to keep it shorter since he looks best this way...he says he wants to grow it out too but its just because he hates haircuts and when it is cut he LOVES the way he looks he gets so happy when he sees how handsome he is with a short spiked hair-do...but if he realllllly wanted to grow it long I would let him...I have gone 2 years without cutting it with him and then even he wanted to cut it...and he is only 7...he does havea strange interest in how he looks though...always looking at himself in the mirror and stuff...
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