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Re: help what to pack for a prek lunch and beakfast

Here are some ideas that I send with my 2 yr old

-turkey and cheese rolls with crackers
-Ham and cheese rolls with cracker
-granola bars
-cereal bars
-salami/pepperoni cheese and crackers
-brown rice mixtures
-sadwiches with the crusts cut off with a cookie cutter
-cold quesedillas
-pizza bites
-cold eggs (my son loves theese)
-cold turkey meatballs

This is all I can think of right now becuase my son LOVES lots of varieties of food and things I send prolly dont go for your 3 yr old if he is picky. My son eats a ton of veggies and fruit. Basically I pack the main course of whatever...then fill the sides in with fruits, veggies, cereal bars, yogurts, puddings etc
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