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12" Doll Clothes Pattern?

I just bought LO's 1st baby doll for her 1st birthday (NEXT MONTH?? Already??) It's a 12" Corolle Doll called "Calin". I want to sew some clothes for it, but I have not clue where to find a simple pattern. I looked in the McCalls book at Joann's but all the patterns seemed too... idk, frilly and complicated! I actually learned to sew by my granny teaching me to sew clothes for my dolls, so I'd like to find a simple pattern that I can teach LO to sew from when she gets older!

It seems like this should be so "duh" easy to figure out, but I just have no clue where to start! I would love a simple PDF pattern for doll clothes, just simple pants, shirts, and dresses.
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