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Re: Those with older kids in carseats/boosters...

Originally Posted by Quisalas
My MIL, who I have (at best) a strained relationship with, is very lax about putting the kids in carseats. While she always uses the infant carseat with Katrina, she almost never belts it in tight enough. She has had my 2 year old (and even before he turned two) in just a seatbelt, and AT THE TIME he got out of the seatbelt and was standing up in the car(!!!!) but she still does it. It ticks me off to no end, but because of how she is and how DH is, I've promised my husband not to scream at her. I would love to, though, and everytime it happens I gripe at him about it and ask him to yell at her, which of course he never does. She even had a friend's 8-month old in a front-facing combo seat once, and I was just AGHAST. That one I did say something about, and she just said "Oh, he's safe enough, I'll drive careful." GRRRR!
I wouldn't let me MIL take my children in her car if she isn't going to respect my choices and the law. With us it is either put them in their carseats or they don't go with. We have had to deal with this with my dad and stepmom, they think they are completely unneeded and that we are over reacting. WE don't care what they think, they are OUR kids.

So I guess if you dh won't say anything to his mom about the kids being in their car seats and would rather you didn't then I wouldn't let them in the car. Maybe if she can't take them places then she will change her mind. If it is a situation where she is helping you out and watching your children, then imo you need to find someone else or find a way to transport them yourselves.

Good luck to everyone that has to battle family and friends on these issues, I know they aren't fun topics or easy to approach. Remember these are your children and you have the right to decide what is safest and how they will ride in a vehicle.
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