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Fellow Home Birthers, how do you feel with EDD's approaching?


This is my first home birth (and last, we're done with babies *waaah*) and as I sit here in my master bedroom staring at my birth corner (with our giant pool blown up and pushed against the wall), I'm wondering what's going through the minds of my fellow homebirthin' mama's... especially if this is your first home birth...

Me... Nervous... excited... in a state of shock that I sit here a mere 11 days from my "due date" and that this is really going to happen. That sometime in the coming days/weeks, I will birth our oops surprise baby in my bedroom despite so many people telling me that I can't do this.

I'm a VBA2C with an almost VBAC ripped away from me just stages away from pushing. I've fought so hard this pregnancy to be where I am now... I went through being dropped very suddenly by a MW with no warning (she cancelled a prenatal and then emailed me 2 days later and said she'd no longer care for me), without prenatal care for 2+ months... And suddenly this is all so close and so real. And I can't help but be a little bit nervous. I've never birthed a baby vaginally. I've come close and I know my body is capable but birthing is unknown to me.

Sorry to be emotional... This is all becoming very real, very quickly. It's like it was just yesterday that I started exploring my options and realizing that I can and will do this... And now it's here... Where did these months go?

So.. What's on your mind as your EDD approaches?
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