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Re: Fellow Home Birthers, how do you feel with EDD's approaching?

You can do it! I can only imagine how emotional a process it is for you, overcoming two c-sections. But I cannot wait to read your amazing birth story, because I know it will be one!

This is my second homebirth (second UC, actually) so the nerves aren't there. Honestly, my biggest thought related to birth these days is, "Gee, I should get that stuff ready before I go into labor." My birth supplies are in two separate boxes, in two separate rooms, and the bathroom where I plan to labor and probably deliver in the tub again isn't ready at all! It's still crowded with bins from our NY trip this summer, and it needs a good scrub down beyond the basic bathroom cleaning. I work best under pressure though, so I guess if I go into labor that'll finally spur me into action.
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