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Re: I guess I don't get it...

I'm kind of with you, OP. I deleted my pictures from the original thread because it was just weird, but honestly... Even if you do nothing but upload your pictures to a store's online photo department and have them printed at your local branch, they are out there and "vulnerable." Right click protecting does nothing to stop people from taking screen shots. Accounts can be hacked. Friends can unwittingly or uncaringly share your pictures and information.

There is nothing private on the internet. I know that and I still choose to put my kids' pictures online. I have had my pregnancy photos and newborn photos of my DS "stolen" and passed off as someone else's before and you know what? I didn't feel angry or violated or anything but pity for the person who felt the need to do it. What happens on the internet isn't a big concern for me. If it comes off the internet and into my personal life, that's a different story. And if some perv somewhere sees a perfectly innocent picture of my child and gets sick pleasure from it... well, as terrible as that is, it doesn't affect my child or me and I'm not going to stop sharing innocent pictures with family and friends because of it.
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