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Re: I guess I don't get it...

Originally Posted by smashncakes View Post
If you have your kids full name listed and aren't careful with info, it could get as extreme as somebody stealing your child's identity. Most of the mommas on here are deleting stuff because somebody pointed out in one of the threads about the whole "belly button perv" that if you google your username or even your kids name, then go to images (off to the left on the google search screen there's a pulldown menu that says everything, more, click on more then images) it was pulling up member's avatar pictures and even some of the pics they'd put in posts before....nothing is coming up with my new username, but if I search my old username I can see my avatar and some pics I used in posts for toy organization. A lot of people don't have their pics right-click protected, so random people can copy & paste the pics then have them on their computer for personal use...mentioning the kids names can make it possible to search for pics of them more easily if the pics are titled or tagged with their name.
it doesn't matter if you have the photos right click protected or not. you can still save the photo. pervs can do screen shots or highlight the whole page and ctrl v it and voila.. a copy!
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