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Re: Daily Chat ~ Wed Sept 8th

Amanda: You have a great attitude. It won't be long now. Both times my water broke it was a huge gush followed by lots more every time I moved. Both times baby's head was way down as well! Hope your appt goes well.

Roberta: Yay for baby perking up when Daddy got home. Bummer that yours fizzled out as well.

Melissa: Hope the party goes well. I wish I would lose my plug or have any show. I didn't with Kate until the morning that I had her though so I am not expecting anything until D-Day is here!

Rachael: Ugh Poor Lor. Have you tried arnica for her? Nikolas gets growing pains in his legs and a few arnica tablets and he is feeling much better. I really hope she is ok and also that noone gets sick. I had a dream last night that you were in labor!!!

Cova: That is how I have been feeling for about a week and now today I feel great. Hoping that catches you too! Oh and I totally thought of you this morning. I was walking into the chiro and I was really gassy...and so I was trying to get it all out in the parking lot. I was SO afraid that I was going to let loose on the table but I didn't.

Danieelle: Good morning. How are you feeling?

Anyone heard from Jessica???

Angela: I am thinking of you!

AFM: I feel great today. Better than I have felt in atleast a week. I woke up with very little pain (gonna thank Angela for suggesting the bath) and rested (thank you Jamie for telling me to go to bed early!). The chiro was fantastic this morning. We are headed out to buy some detergent (want to stock up while I'm thinking about it) and to take the babies to the library. Somebody better be in labor when I get back!
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