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Re: Daily Chat ~ Wed Sept 8th

Morning everyone!

Amanda: I am soooo happy at your perkiness! Don't stop! I've been feeling the same way for the past week or so. I have my moments of course, but for the most part I have been just bubbly happy and sentimental and lovey. You aren't annoying me at all - I want to come hug you and we could talk about how much we love our babies!!

Oh, I can't wait to hear what the OB says! I have no idea about the water breaking thing - mine was broken in the hospital after I had an epi and according to DH it was a tidal wave.

Roberta: That is so sweet that your baby responds to your DH's voice! This little baby is like that with Rosemary. She is going to love her big sister, I think.

Melissa: That was a good idea to move your DD's party up a little bit! I hope it goes well!

Rachael: I'm glad that you are feeling better, but I am so sorry about Lor! I hope she is feeling better today and you can get some answers at the ped.

Cova: Yay for a nice bath! Have fun knitting your hat part 2.

Danielle: Hi!!

Shannon: Yay!! I am so glad that you are feeling so good this morning! It is funny that you are stocking up on detergent - I stocked up on deodorant and soap last week because I was so worried about running out right after the baby comes. We should be good for over a month now.

Angela: Thinking of you and praying for productive labor! Keep us posted if you can!

AFM: Today is my last day ever for the rest of my life with just me and Rosemary at home. Tomorrow my mom flies in around lunch time and then she'll be here until after the baby is born. I am very excited to see my mom and to birth this baby, but I am very sentimental about losing my family of three. I know the family of four will be better, but I really, really like this family of three, you know?

So Rosie and I are blowing off any responsibilities and just going to have fun with each other. We are going to the library for story hour and then out on a date. Maybe lunch or maybe ice cream, I can't decide.
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