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Re: Daily Chat ~ Wed Sept 8th

Btw Roberta...

I discovered I had Graves Disease immediately after I gave birth to my youngest DD. I had a case of thyroiditis and my hair started falling out, I was always real panicked, heart always beating so fast and anxious even sometimes to the point where I couldn't find anything to calm me down. Oh and hot all the time with heat flashes and losing weight...I noticed DD's peach fuzz all fell out and she was constantly hungry like my breastmilk wasn't enough for her..the peds said that they never heard of the antibodies passing through the breastmilk, but indeed they were because she was suffering from the same systems as I was.

After being referred to a Endocrologist and being diagnosed with Graves I was put on meds to try and elevate my levels wasn't soon after I had baby and was diagnosed it was already too late because the antibodies had started attacking some of my internal organs including my kidneys, liver and gall bladder. I was in the hossy to get my Gall Bladder out in less than 2 months after DD was born and finding out the Graves and suffering from jaundace. Gratefully those two things were fixed, Gall bladder was removed and things were starting to look up!

I continued my meds for a year and finally after another blood panel draw my levels seemed to have leveled out a while I am not on meds right now and haven't been for a year...since I'm in remission......what they have discovered is that my pituitary gland is working just fine but my thyroid no longer stimulates the I will always have Graves disease and have to get blood panels checked every few months, especially after the baby is born next week...while it's a disease and condition it's able to be I'm thankful for that

I hope this helps..oh and I've currently had it since my first diagnosis almost 3 years now. possibly even longer than up maybe as long as 6 years and just didn't know or show as many symptoms.

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