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Re: Fellow Home Birthers, how do you feel with EDD's approaching?

I'm planning an Hbac as well Honestly, how I feel depends on when you ask me, lol. On the one hand, I feel SO happy that I've chosen to home birth, it's something I decided a very long time ago after my first son's cesarean birth (he is 7) and I'm so happy it's finally happening. Sometimes I feel confident and calm. Other times, I have a hard time picturing myself going into labor at all. I think that is my biggest "hangup". I never went into labor with my first, and though I've done doula work for years and was a student midwife for a time, I find it hard to apply what I know to myself. I really trust the process of birth, but I have a hard time trusting my OWN body. I guess I just still feel broken, kwim? I have this wild irrational fear that I won't go into labor. Silly, I know!

I adore my midwives and am grateful for every moment I've been able to spend with them. Although I'm 100% supportive of UC, and had considered it with this birth, I'm glad I chose to receive care through these particular midwives at this particular time in my life. Their quiet, calm confidence in me is probably the #1 best thing they have provided me.
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