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Re: Fifth Disease and pregnancy Q

I'm so sorry for your loss. I don't have a ton of experience with Fifth's Disease. My sister had Fifth's Disease when she was a teenager, and it was pretty bad for her. I know typically that when kids get it it is not usually a big deal. As others have said, most people have come into contact with it as a child and carry an immunity to it as adults.

However, I did have a friend in college who lost her baby at around 26-27 weeks to Fifth's Disease (shown in the autopsy report). She evidently didn't have the immunity. She was a kindergarten teacher and caught it from one of her students. There were early signs that the illness infected the baby but the doctor didn't see any cause for worry. In most instances, even if a pregnant woman does catch fifth's disease, it is fairly mild and almost never affects the fetus. From what I understand, it *can* sometimes cause severe anemia in fetuses, which can lead to miscarriage. I believe it is extremely rare, though. I think it occurs in less than 5% of all pregnant women who contract parvovirus...

If you have been having symptoms, it can't hurt to be tested. It could at least give you some peace of mind in the future knowing if you have immunity.
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