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Re: *Wednesday Sept 8.10**

Originally Posted by momneedssupport View Post
Nope, no way. He doesn't do workshops or counseling on marriage. He won't read a book about it either. I was thinking that we both enjoy fantasy books.

I wish...I bet we wouldn't have the problems we have if he was remotely interested in our marriage.
have you expressed to him that you odn't feel that he is interested in the bond you two have together? does he have an answer? I don't have any answers for you...i just know when dh and i are feeling "apart" (ok, ok, when i feel we are growing in different directions) we make another effort to go on dates, leave love notes in lunch boxes, and write messages on mirrors (crayola bath crayons are AWESOME at writing on mirrors!!)

Have you ever heard of SPICE? its an acronym that is used to help especially when planning a date night. Your marriage needs to have SPICE all the time to thrive....

Spiritual ~ prayering together (going to church together, prayers at bedtime, before meals.
Physical ~NOT always DTD, but holding hands, back rubs, etc...
Intellectual~TALKING if we cant find things to talk about, i read a passage from "sex, love and marriage by Christopher West"..always something to talk about after that!
Creativity~ leaving messages, planning a special date night where you plan everything for what HE wants, and vice versa
Emotional~ being interested in each other's day..learning what he does at work, so he can talk about it, Roger knowing that when i say "yeah, i'm fine" doesn't always mean that I really am.

This might sound hokey, but if you can get him to sit down for a heart to heart, tell him how you feel, and tell him you would like to try a few of these things, it MIGHT help a little? you write them down and put them on the fridge. the letters are supposed to be arranged on a wheel (like a pie chart) with each section equal to remind you that each part is as important as the next...not one should be too large, or too small.

just an can throw it out the window, or laugh if you won't hurt my feelings. It just what Roger and I do.

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