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Re: *Wednesday Sept 8.10**

Heather - glad your day is going well! so happy to hear that, especially after a rough start!
Katie - 2.5 inches in like 3 months?? that's nuts! Hope you can get the vax stuff figured out!
Thiele - have fun on the date with your DD, sounds really sweet.
Alisha - FX for fluffy mail! GL with cleaning too!! DD just went down for a nap, so now I'm on here trying to decide if I should clean now, or take a nap and try to recoup my losses from last night's 3 hours of sleep... hehe, not quite sure which to choose!
Korin - Stole your trash can?? that's just weird... I had to laugh, one of the games my DH likes is Call of Duty too, but I like it too and the funny thing is, he'd MUCH rather play with me than online with friends even, the only times he plays games solo on xbox is when I want to knit, and then I'm still sitting by him anyway. I've even recruited a couple of other wives of DHs friends to play, so we'll have game nights with friends where that's what we do, guys and gals all playing a war game. I know... I'm weird but hey, I've started to get pretty good and nothing's much more fun than killing your soldier husband in a war game every once in a while!!
Cecili - There's a DVD series called Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage by Mark Gungor that's absolutely hysterical, and very good material too, but it doesn't feel like torture to sit and watch it kwim? We use it for our marriage retreats with the army and have yet to have anyone say anything negative, and we've had well over 60 couples in our unit alone who have seen it, not to mention the other units that I know that have used it, it's always well-received, with people laughing like crazy... might be something that would be more palatable to him? I don't know, I can't get mine to read either, so I just do it, at least it helps my attitude, lol There's also the Love Dare, that's pretty much one-sided so you read it and it has ways to treat your husband to eventually affect a response out of him. The movie Fireproof is based off of it, good movie too. I know it can be rough sometimes!
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