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Tell me it will be ok Update: all ok for now!

Ultrasound was less than wonderful. They did a BPP and baby scored at 2. Unbelivably scared right now. Baby is hardly moving or breathing. Estimated weight is 8lb2oz. Have a dr's appointment in a couple hours, will see what she says.
Thoughts and Prayers appreciated.

Hey mamas! Thanks for all the love! I got a call shortly after getting home from my dr's office the dr on covering for mine told me to go in to the hospital for a NST and skip my appointment.
So in we went. A neighbor came to watch Ben . Baby was nonresponsive for the first 30 min and things were not looking so good. They finally tracked down my dr and she rushed into to see me. By that time baby started moving so things were looking better. The 2 I scored was for good fluid level and flow through the arteries. Baby lacked tone, movement and breathing during the BPP which resulted in the bad score. The dr felt reassured with the NST because amount/ strength of movements and heart rate were ok. So the plan is to go back tomorrow for another NST if that is good I will have another BPP within the week, if the NST is not so good they will do the BPP right then. So we are going to play it by ear and see how it goes. So I may not get my VBAC afterall, but not something I am choosing to worry about at the moment.
Thanks for everything ladies, you mean the world to me, would gone crazy without you. That hour at home was the longest one of my life.
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