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Re: Asked not to nurse my son at church b/c...

It may be the male's problem but coming from a Bible's perspective. It says to not do things that will cause your brother to stumble. I am a founder of our church and a leader I never nurse without a cover its rude and why would you want someone to see your boobs. I dont mind if its just women but when other men are there I feel like I am disrespecting my husband because we are married and he should be the only man to see me like that, minus men in the medical field like my OB. Anyway I am not trying to be rude or judgmental in anyway so please dont take it like that. I am sure its frustrating but you have to think about how it makes others around you feel and if it involves someone not wanting to come to church or embarrassed to be there then I would definitely re-consider. Good luck!
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