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Re: Asked not to nurse my son at church b/c...

I am going to come off first and be honest I am a non christian but I will say we went to church when we lived in NY (dh is christian) and one church was all about making you feel lower than lower and about everything you did wrong. I was judge harshly and had a whole service devoted to having a child out of wedlock. (yep my son that I conceived when I a date raped) this was a church my DH was a member of for years.

We left I couldn't sit in that kind of place and DH was fuming

Then we tried a little church not far from our home. It was a nice church and I would go back again if we lived near it. one sunday a new couple was there with thier daughter and she cried the mom went to get up and the pastor said ma'am your in the lords house and he loves the noises children make please sit and enjoy the service (it also went with the point he was making)

That church was a great mix. there feeling was everyone was welcomed. They didn't have a nursing room. but had a different area of the hall you could sit if you want to to nurse.

Honestly I would email her something like

Ok I get what you are saying and asking and we need to work this out. I would tell her how you feel as a founder of this church to be demoted to across the building to nurse and that this is an issue that you and the other founders need to work out. I would also have your hubby take a pic of you nursing and email it to her (maybe even wear the clothes you were wearing that day) so she can see what this young man saw. And you can ask her what is wrong and why you would need a cover and then explain that a cover 9 times out of 10 brings more attention then the way you do.

I would try and work with her but let her know your feelings on it and her asking you to hand out flyers to other BF moms but asking them to leave if the child needs to eat. Tell her can't hand out those flyers until this issue is resolved. Explain that even if you leave for the sake of the man that there will be others so it needs to be worked out is there going to be a nursing room for the mothers that isn't hard to get to and makes one feel ashamed because they are feeding their child the way (your)god made you too?

Church to me is respect but it has to come from both sides and that's what lacking with what is being asked of you. you are being asked to show all the respect and this man who starred at you during church isn't asked of anything. What is he giving up? You as a founder as being asked to give up important things to for this member and while I get that happens how can this church be a community if you are floors away and have to watch via the internet. Heck I wouldn't leave home then.

I am sorry you are dealing with this. I would walk away but I am not of your faith and those games bore me. Good luck I am sure there is away you can work this out though just take some time to think about it before you react
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