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Re: Fellow Home Birthers, how do you feel with EDD's approaching?

My due date was yesterday. Im going INSANE. I've had 2 induced epi hospital births and this is our last baby and first home birth. Im so anxious, I've never gone into labor on my own! Will I know it's really real? I've been contracting for 10 days with varying degrees of strength but they get very consistent (4-10 minutes apart). I've got tons of CM and plug showing every day. Im nervous too as this is a hugely busy time at work for DH who just started a new job, and my mom will be out of reach around here as of Friday-Monday. So much timing stuff going on, and everyone keeps looking at me like Im a time bomb and asking questions like "Are we having a baby today?"
Im trying to relax, trying to breathe and enjoy these last moments of being pregnant the way I wanted to and Im finding it almost impossible.
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