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Re: *Wednesday Sept 8.10**

OK I'm back. I just read through all the chat threads and can't remember anything I wanted to say Suffice it to say, I've missed you all but at the same time I had a great time with my DH. Which only made leaving him there that much harder. I cried for the first 10-15 minutes after I dropped him off at his barracks and he told me later that he wanted to run after the car. I can't wait for him to be home. I just hope he doesn't come home just to be immediately deployed. FX that the person who met with him a couple weeks ago and told him that he would only be at ft stewart for a few weeks before getting sent to CA for 2 months of training then getting deployed is able to do what he said he'd try to do (put dh in a batallion that isn't scheduled to deploy immediately).

Kealii, I'm so glad your DH is coming home tomorrow. I know you can't wait. Maybe your dd will be asleep by the time he gets home so you can spend a little time just the 2 of you.

As far as non DTD stuff dh and I do together, I think most of our stuff has already been said. We watch movies when the kids are in bed, sometimes dh finds some music we both like and we dance to it (not that either of us actually know HOW to dance, but we dance together anyways), we give each other backrubs, wash each other in the shower. Sometimes we just sit and talk. We did very little of that during our 4 day weekend, though. The girls took a nap every day and dh and I had that time for together time and after they were asleep we stayed up for hours. . . but we just spent that time catching up on DTD And I was SOOOOO sore. I tried the witch hazel pads. IDK if they helped or not. After 6 weeks w/o dtd and looking ahead to 2 more weeks w/o, there was NO WAY I was letting something like soreness stop us LOL.

It was a GREAT couple of days. We took the kids swimming, to LOL (OK's Chucky Cheese), putput golf, and bowling. We all had a blast and it was nice and relaxing. The driving on the other hand, not so much. On the way there, we got lost in Dallas, TX during rushour traffic, in the middle of a thunderstorm with cruddy windshield wipers. . . On the way back, Addy started barfing, Evie (my PLed 3 yo) pooped her pants and they were soaked with diarrhea from bum to cuffs. I had to give her a shower in one of those trucker showers LOL. Then I killed my battery while trying to take a nap (running AC w/o the car being on is a bad idea) and had to get jumped off.

Addy barfed the whole way home then started coughing. Last night we got home at midnight and she's been having nosebleeds all day. My gma told her to lay on her back when she had one so tons of blood drained into her stomach, so she's been barfing that all day (part of it is on my carpet ). She hasn't eaten anything worth mentioning in the past 2 days. I'm hoping she will be better soon. I hate seeing her just sit there quietly with that sick look on her face

Other than dealing with sickies, I've been making a grocery list and doing laundry all day. I haven't knit in over a week, so I'm sure I'll pick that back up tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a great week.
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