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Re: Sciatic Nerve Pain?

There are a couple different things that can cause sciatic pain... One is where baby is laying, he/she could be pressing on some nerves. Doing some exercises where you kneel on all 4s and curl your butt under and arch your back up (like a cat) can help take some of the pressure off, and maybe baby will take the opportunity to rearrange position a little. Another problem can be caused by some of your deep butt muscles spasming around the sciatic nerve, pinching it. You can stretch them back out by sitting on a chair or exercise ball and crossing the ankle of the affected side to rest on the other knee, while pushing the knee on the affected side downward with your hand. You should feel this pull in your butt on that side. Other than that, a chiropractic adjustment or some gentle yoga may also work.

Hope something from all the wonderful advice you have gotten works for you!

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