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Re: Thursday September 9th-Daily Chat-Bring on the babies!

Lori-hang in there, think about all you have been through, what is another few days or weeks! Hugs!!!

nicole-ugh on the no water...what a pita. Hope you can get ds to more therapy after the baby shows up. Big hugs on the swelling!

cova-bummer on being closed but yay for the ice cream break! Glad the bfing class went well and i hope nursing goes better this time. I hear you on the hot dr. RE was pretty cute and he was the first man i had ever seen for whooey issues and it totally freaked me out. LOL. But he is such a great dr. that i quickly put that aside.

amanda-enjoy the great weather and pizza...and too cute about roo! Definitely get a backup. LOL.

roberta-ugh, sorry you joined the dh is being a a hole club. And bummer the contrax fizzled but probably better with him being a jerk.

jamie-a zillion years pregnant...lmao!!!

lisaanne-more and more hugs your way! It is not fair he is treating you like that...especially at this particular time when you are already so burnt out!

cheli-hope you make a decision that will help him out...big hugs...that is a lot on your mind. Glad you had a decent night with the girls sleeping!

danielle-hugs for you, hope dh has an attitude adjustment today. And i hope Hailey does ok today!!! Poor thing.

tasha-big hugs. I think once you are worried about yoru bp it's going to be high. You really need to take it at home when you are resting or at a pharmacy bc once the doctors get you worried it's not accurate. I know whenever i see my hossy mw in the same room i learned about losing the 2nd twin, it's through the roof. But otherwise it's crazy low. Hugs.

AFM-feeling great, gona eat some breakfast and then head to the grocery store. High of 70 today and about 52 right now! Yay fall!!! Can't wait for my hossy mw appt tomorrow just so i can get ice cream with lor. Keep trying to talk dh into the never ending pasta bowl at olive garden but he won't bite...anyone wanna come to michigan and go with me?
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