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Re: Thursday September 9th-Daily Chat-Bring on the babies!

Lori: I am sorry that the contractions tired you out to much and work today sounds rough.

Nicole: If you guys can swing it, it might be best to take a running around vacation until your baby comes. It sounds like you guys are always off and doing stuff and I worry about your pre-e history!

Danielle: I'm sorry your DH was giving you a rough time last night. Those DH's can be trouble! Good luck to Hailey at her new school - I hope she loves it!

Tasha: Nooo! I was surprised to see you this morning. I was really hoping you being MIA yesterday was a more exciting sign. At least baby looks good and it seems like you are hanging in there.

Cova: I'm glad the BFing class went well! I hope they gave you some tools and tips that will help. I hear you on the attractive OB - mine would give me this smile sometimes and I was like, "ahhhhhh, don't smile like that! You just touched me and this is weird!" I guess it was better that he was friendly then that he came away from an exam looking disgusted or something.

Amanda: Your Jeremiah is too cute. Have fun today with your parents! And my baby is ultra low too! It is crazy how she just keeps getting lower and lower and lower!

Roberta: Oooh, I hope you woke your DH up ultra early with loud perky music and maybe some beeping-flashing-annoying toys. I'm glad you didn't go get him last night and made him walk. What are these guys thinking?

Hi Cheli!!

Rachael: Me! Me! I'll come and go to Olive Garden with you!!

AFM: The real countdown has begun! I have a midwife appointment this morning and then am going to pick up my mom from the airport right after lunch. She's going to be here until after the baby comes! Ahh, I think I'm really going to have a baby sometime soon here! Or maybe in a few weeks.

I'm super excited to have my mom here. It will be so nice to hang out with her and I'm planning on making her help with all my projects and cleaning and random adventures. I'll still be around DS, but probably not quite as often. I'll do daily check-ins at least!
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