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Re: Help - I need to make a list of ?'s to ask prospective midwives

I would ask a few "open" questions as well, try to get an idea of their opinion on things.

"What prenatal screening tests would you recommend, if any, and why?"

"What do you feel your role in the birth process is?"

"What if I have to be transfered to an OB in case of complications -- what would your role be?"

Most midwives should be prepared with some written material for you already; my first visit to the midwives I walked out the door with a BOOK they compiled of info for their clients...gotta love a midwife!

Mostly, go with your GUT reaction. You should feel comfortable with them, feel that they are trustworthy, and feel like you can ask them anything/disagree with them without worrying of their reaction.

OMG, I miss my MW!!!! They are wonderful, truly. All the best in your search...hope you find one you love!
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