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Ugh, Dr's Visit. (and TMI)

Ok, I know I'm going nuts, but... was checked AGAIN at my dr's office (It's routine procedure), and now I'm at 2cm dialated, and 70% effaced. The only thing to change is the dialation...

And now, since she checked... I HURT. Internally. *sigh* I just got DS from the bus-stop, and every little step was a little stabby pain...

It's frustrating the heck out of me because I KNOW I have at least a week left, and I want to be done so very much. I know, like I said, I'm nuts.

Doc asked AGAIN if I had everything ready to go. She apparently thinks it's any day now. She even said:
"Remember, your blood type is O+, and you're Strep B negative, if you call or go into the hospital at night or over the weekend, they may not have your records on hand"

Should I even bother hoping, or should I keep raining on my own parade?

And... is it possible that at 2cm dialated I still have my mucus plug, or did I lose it and NOT even notice? I don't remember how things like that were with DS 1 and DS.
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