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Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 9/9!

hmmm just waiting on my diapers to arrive! lol cleaned the whole house and did all the laundry yesterday. good thing i got all that done cause today i feel horrible! i took a different prenatal last night NEVER EVER AGAIN will i take those. i feel like i'm back in my first trimester! hoping it wears off soon so i can keep food down cause i'm starving! baby girl is kickin and bumping like crazy( hard enough she makes my belly visibly jump like crazy!) i think she is still sitting breach because all the movement is well below my belly button and she is still kicking my cervix now and then, oh and of course thinks my bladder is a neato trampoline lol. above my belly button i get a bump every now and then normally right after she kicks down low so i'm guessin its her head bumping cause she is jumping lol.

Her room is about finished i'll post pics when i get time. my mom still has to make my basket covers for the changing table and i want some shelves for the wall but its mostly done and i loooove it!

but i guess thats all for now! hope everyone has a good one!
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