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Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 9/9!

Heather, I would love to get into yoga! With DH on deployment, I can go to the YMCA for free, so I'm planning on signing up and trying some classes. I'll have to add yoga to the list.

Alicia, hope you get your crib soon! How frustrating, I never knew they were different

Pam, for baby being head down! I always worry about this, too, even though really I know he has a while to flip still. I think he's head down now, but I'm going to check this weekend. Good for you for having a positive outlook about your OB, anything you can do to keep your stress down is good

Tabby, Ohhh I love getting new diapers. I seriously stalk my mail man Can't wait to see pics of the nursery!!

AFM, feeling down today. Trying not to sound whiney but I really really really miss my DH. I keep forgetting that he's gone and expecting him to come walking in the door at any minute from work. We've done long distance before (our first 5 years together were long distance) but we've usually been able to have contact outside of a few month long stints. I know other women out there are going through this right now, too, so I feel like such a wimp. I don't have anyone to talk about it because none of the womens' husbands here are gone. Plus, I just feel like my negativity is bringing everyone else down so I don't want to talk about it. I'd just rather stay home and not see people because they always ask and I feel like I should be strong and be fine.

Sorry for the pity party, not really looking for anything, just getting it out there because I don't really have anyone else right now.
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