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Re: May 2010 DDC

Julie! It's kind of nice to have just the two kids home. Connor has this massive chip on his shoulder lately, so he whiles and picks fights with everyone. Plus he talks NON STOP and honestly it's driving me a little batty. Danny gets annoyed with the older two b/c they won't play with him and starts punching people at random. So although he's a little bored with just me and the baby, I've been able to run a lot of errands and do little outings to make things more interesting for him. That's got to be hard for you right now though, I bet you're too tired.

So what is everyone doing to "entertain" their babies? W will play on his floor mat a little bit but he doesn't seem too interested in anything but staring at people. Oh, and tv. I've caught him a few times watching the tv while I was trying to play with him. Typical man.

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