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Re: May 2010 DDC

I'm on the losing hair thing too... and Ethan always seems to find them. I'm forever picking my hair off of him before he can get it in his mouth (it always finds his hands) and we've had one that could have been a "hair tourniquet" if I hadn't noticed it.

Tina, Ethan watches tv too... I don't particularly like it, but it's one way to keep Keira entertained and he seems to LOVE Mickey Mouse, he talks to the tv. He sits in his vibrator chair (the vibrator part is long broken, as he is the third baby to use that chair) and I'll put the toy bar on that. He likes to lay on the floor... he'll lay on his back and watch his sister, but as soon as I leave the room for a minute to get something done he'll roll over and get stuck on his tummy and start crying/whining to be rolled back over and now we have the exersaucer set up, he likes to play in that and big sister likes to "help" him play with it too.
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