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Re: Help quick! Spots question

Oaky, I have never before ughed at a transaction issue...

Until now. Oh.My.Word (and in my defense, I didn't laugh until later postings )

It is obvious from the title what the price was supposed to have been.

Originally Posted by fish3737 View Post

Did she already pay?

I messed up on a listing price once too - it was supposed to be $90 and it came out $0.

It was bought in like seconds - I had another mama email me to let me know that she thought I made a mistake. Which was really nice. I had another mama buy it.

I sent an email explaining what happened and apologized. I didn't hear back either way.

I don't know what the "official" policy is.

Just wanted to let you know you aren't alone.
I actually will buy something when I know it has to have been a mistake and then email the mama and let her know it seemed like a crazy good deal (like crankypants for $0 so I bought it to let her know so she could re-list and not have to deal with someone who would create an issue. I've been thanked multiple times and once, the mama even offered me the item for what she had listed it mistakenly at!

Originally Posted by tygr2410 View Post
u did the right thing, that mama was trying to take said your dd was climbing on you, does she not have kids too and has never made a mistake?

i also think you can contact hyenacart about feedback and save correspondence just incase

Originally Posted by Mom23kids View Post
This was her response:

I don't agree with your decision to not honor your listing. Its not my fault you listed it for the wrong price. I was going to knit my dead cat a sweater and bury him in it with that yarn, now I'll have to look else where because of your selfishness.

WTF?!?! Seriously?!?! Don't people have better stuff to do with their time?!?! Sure, harrass a hormonal pregnant lady.
Okay, I'm pregnant and hormonal too so I feel your pain but this is where I just busted out laughing.

I think she is being snarky. Hope so anyway! If not being snarky, she is a loon

Originally Posted by Aleta View Post
Seriously, what a freak - so apparently her cat is already dead and she's hanging around shopping online for yarn??? EEK!!

Tell her you refunded right away so that she may go pick up a skein of acrylic for $4 at Joann's as the cat won't know the difference.
I'd totally email her the bolded back as a response.Only because I am preggo and hormonal though

I can see it now:

Dear buyer, I am sorry that your cat will not go to his final resting place in a sweater knit from this incredibly lovely yarn dyed by Morwenna. He must have been an incredible cat in order for you to take the time to properly store his remains while you searched for the perfect yarn to lovingly knit him a sweater.

The fact that you would search out such fine yarn and lovingly knit dear kitty a sweater,says a lot about your devotion to him.He must have been a wonderful companion during his time here on earth. I'm sure he is being missed.

I would like to recommend that you check out some of the colorways at your local craft shop. While not nearly as lovely as my MM wool yarn, I'm sure there will be something there that will appeal to you and your dearest dead kitty.

I would then think (or hope!) that after a time of mourning, you should seek the help you may need to recover from what has obviously effected you quite deeply on what many would think is a mentally unhealthy level.

All the best,
your MM yarn seller turned refunder due to pricing mistake

Originally Posted by sourpatch_babe View Post
Honey, do we have anymore of that homemade peach ice cream left?

Yeah, it's in the freezer right behind Mr. Whiskers!
Ohhhhhhhh... don't go there
For a sure-fire humdinger of a thread start one on:The Duggars,Government Assistance, Politics, Crickets,
Religion,Circumcision, Infant Ear Piercing,Spanking,Breast Milk vs Formula,Feeding kids Fast Food
/ Beans & Rice, Sniffing Butt, or Vaccinating.

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