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Re: Who does or has dyed your hair while pregnant?

it's perfectly fine to dye your hair while pregnant, roots or the entire thing.. my mom is a cosmetologist and get's asked this all the time or with people who have concerns. but there is no study showing that it does anything to harm. the only thing that is a must is getting it done in a well ventilated area.. that said, yeah i get my hair dyed while pregnant and i do the entire thing.. this pregnancy i havent only bc i don't trust any one to do my hair other than my mom and we just moved 2500 miles away lol so i might have to go with a box option and i don't know how well thats going to work bc i have a lot of blonde in my hair.. along with brown.. so if i dyed it brown.. then im probably going to be left with a copper tone on my blonde (it always happens).. but i can't dye it blonde bc then my brown will have a pinkish/copper tone lol. my mom always has to use a toner and we have no sally's near for her to give me the correct chemicals!
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