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Re: If you were NIP...

Originally Posted by negrapy
Hi Maryann
I'm glad to know I don't have the only one who thinks eating is a time to excerise. At least I know I'll never be afraid he is going to get cramps from swimming after eating the way he "swims" while he eats now LOL
I'm kinda with you... I don't mind a nice smile but I guess I kinda prefer just when nobody really notices
of course that is getting more and more difficult
Good point!

DS is crazy, and nursing was never that nice, quiet bonding time. It was hell on a stick for me. I would be sitting there trying to manage him and his butt would be up on my shoulder...WTH?! He is all wonderful, crazy, wild boy!

I don't know how this plays into it for everyone else but I am well endowed to begin with and have always hated people staring at my chest. So, when they got even bigger and hurt and were leaking everywhere and I had to NIP it was just very, very uncomfortable for me. I wish it weren't but...such is life.
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