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Re: May 2010 DDC

today i was loading the dishwasher and my oldest (4.5) asked "where is that seat that nathan likes to sit in?" me-"what?" her "you know, you put his bottom in it?" me-"ooo the bumbo seat? it's in the playroom"..fastforward 5 minutes--i walk in the living room, which is very close and open to the kitchen, just cant see from the dishwasher, and Nathan is in the bumbo, with the baby piano pulled up to it and dd is holding his hand making him play it! aghhhh! He never made a peep! i was stern and said "you do not pick up nathan! you may only hold him while mom or dad is helping you." and she said "but i didnt pick him up, we just scooted him!" that was ok..uhhh
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