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Re: May 2010 DDC

OMG I would freak if the boys picked up W, and Connor's almost eight! I know some moms are more lax about that, my nephew (8) tried to pick him up and carry him off and I was like... Wait.. no.. sit SIT!!! Four kids later and I'm still paranoid.

So we've been struggling with my milk supply the past week since we've had this tummy virus and lucky me, I got it in the beginning and then again this weekend. I'm giving W a bottle of EBM from the freezer while I'm sitting here reading on DS, and he keeps turning toward the screen and letting go. So I turn him around so that he's facing the computer with his back to my belly thinking that will make him happy and he leans back so that's he's upside down, still drinking, staring at me. Ok kid. LOL
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