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Re: Asked not to nurse my son at church b/c...

Most men I know that have wives/sisters/friends that nurse are NOT uncomfortable with it, or the the female body in general. While they do like thier "play toys" most men I know are only turned on by a woman being provacative or by thier wife.

Maybe it's just the people I know but even my 19 YO brother doesn't even look at a woman in a sexual aspect unless she is naturally "his type" or is doing something specifically to attact his attention in a sexual manner. A girl can be wearing low riders with her thongs hanging out and a mini tube top and I have to point out the atrocious outfit and he's like, "uh, doesn't really work for her, she's not my type" Then again he's the only boy in a generation that is all female in my family.

ETA: here it's only illigal to show genetalia and since a female's genetalia is technically on the inside.... there have been incidences of females streaking and getting away with it... tho it's rare and usually around college campuses, tho there have been alot of topless marches lately.

I guess I raised him right (I was his care giver from the time he was two while our parents worked until age 13, and then still around alot and by that time nursing my own children.)
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