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Re: joing y'all soon

Actually Grimesy Edmonton is a very fam friendly city. Most areas are really good. I would say anywhere in suberbea would be good. We are living in the NW for the first time in an older neighbourhood and I'm amazed at how many kids are in our area, West and south are also very good areas. There are tons of older homes as well as fantastic brand spankin new areas as well. We have a great bus system(which I'm learning for the first time right now), and a Timmies on nearly every street corner (so you can get your coffee fix). We just moved back into the city after living in a small bedroom community(town about 20 minutes out of the west end) Moving into the north side was a smidge scary even for me and I know people in this city! The rent is fairly reasonable out here(course I don't know what it is like in the states) But you can rent a nice town house for $1300 + utilities. We have an older place that has been fully renovated that is about 1500 sq foot and it's $1350. Huge amount of kids in our complex. As for looking for a rental I would go on line. Kijiji is great for that here. Let me know if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them as a long time Edmontonian
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