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success story: overcoming insufficient glandular tissue

I had a miserable time bfing my son, I never produced more than 10 oz a day, I saw multiple lactation consultants, no one could figure out why I wasn't producing. I nursed him for 10 months while supplementing with formula.

Anyway, I had my daughter July 25th, and I was determined to make it work. I read Motherfood and The nursing mothers guide to making more milk. I felt like everything was going great, she seemed satisfied after nursing, was wetting enough diapers, ect... but when I took her in for her 2 wk check up and she had lost 13% of her body weight. I saw a LC and she pointed out my breast shape and that I could have IGT, I read up on it and was amazed! I started taking Goat's rue, saw palmetto, alfalfa, and fenugreek right away. The herbs worked! I have had a FULL supply for 3 weeks now. I supplemented her for almost two weeks. Weight gain is perfect now, and I can't believe I'm EBFing! I'm also eating a Lactogenic diet and it seems to be helping!

I just wanted to share, I'm really thrilled to be able to nurse full time!

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