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Re: Asked not to nurse my son at church b/c...

Originally Posted by lovemyliesel View Post
Makes sense that the baby doesn't like to be covered up and still wants to see the world and not hide under a hooterhider- never thought of it since its not something I do. So thanks ladies for your responses. I've only witnesses one mom using it once and the baby didn't move at all, but she was only a few weeks old, I can see where it can be more difficult when they're older and squirmy - geese, like trying to change diapers while they're on the move, impossible!

And like a few of you said, little if no skin is showing, and unless the person is staring you down every second of the process - which would be really creepy - they shouldn't see much if anything.

(thanks for keeping your responses kind and informative and not hounding It's all new to me.)
Mama, I just wanted to show you a couple of pictures that my aunt took of me nursing my little one last weekend at the zoo. We were in public and I was without a cover (do not use one). You cannot see an inch of skin.

The few times that I have worn a cover have been disastrous. Each time I put one on, it was as if DD freaked out either from the darkness, the stillness, or what-have-you, but she started flopping, shrieking, and scratching at her head. Lets just say it called for way more attention than was necessary
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