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motherhood maternity scam?

Has anyone heard of this scam where they will take your card and then charge you a subscription to parenting magazine without your permission? Has this happened to anyone here?

I got some items at a store and was told I'd get a complimentary issue of Parenting The Early Years. Since I paid with cash the lady said that I would get an invoice if I wanted to continue. She did say that if I paid with a cc I would be charged if I didn't cancel after the first issue. I got my trial magazine, didn't get anymore, and moved on, no biggie.

Recently I got a gift card to motherhood and purchased a few things online. I don't remember anything online talking about this magazine offer, but I did put in my credit card to cover shipping. I didn't even think of it, I have preggo brain of course. Now I'm reading about this scam issue and I'm nervous. I'll be checking my account often. I wonder if I should contact my bank?

Everything I've read about this scam talks about going to the store and having this happen, so I'm hoping that it won't be an issue if I shopped online. I wanted to pick up a few more things soon from motherhood but now if they are going to try to charge me more!
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