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Re: Asked not to nurse my son at church b/c...

I was thinking about this while feeding my DS at church Sunday. The last couple of rows are reserved for families with small children and sometimes it is a row of hooter hiders. I didn't use a cover with DS1...I felt it was like "hey, I'm nursing over here" As DS1 got older and more prone to pop on and off, it was not fun to NIP or very modest. At that stage, we tried, or rather I tried to introduce a cover which wasn't popular. I've been using one with DS2 to get him accustomed to the deal.I digress...
Anyway, I try to be modest and try to balance my baby's needs, my need for modesty, and the situation at hand. I nursed thru my grandmother's funeral, in the pew, slightly less modestly because I wanted to be there, my DS1 was starving, and decided that the rest of folks would get over it. I sometimes leave a room to nurse now because I want to avoid the hassle of modesty, sometimes I use a cover, sometimes I just discretely do my thing. My bro who is a little funny about modesty, has completely not not noticed when I was feeding the baby when he was patting his head. I agree with the posters that this really between you and God.
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