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Re: Those with older kids in carseats/boosters...

Originally Posted by jjaelovesenglish
They want to change it to 8 and 80 pounds. I live in CA too, and I can deal with 6 and 60 if they reach the seat belts safely, but 8 and 80 just might be stretching. It was just 4 and 40, 6 years ago I think (I think that is what my sister did.)
You are right about the four years ago law change, because when I started teaching kindergarten the law was 4 and 40 and it changed the following year. I remember quite clearly because it changed our entire field trip policy at our school. Now in order for the kids to go anywhere (1st or K students) they have to ride the school bus. It makes it a lot more expensive but MUCH safer for the kids. I had about 75% + who came to school daily with NO carseats and some even rode in the front. So, I'm glad they changed that law too, but it's still amazing how lax people are with it. We have posters up all over our campus with the new law details (even in several different languages!!)

For me, I'm ok with the law change if it goes to 8 and 80. It's a lot easier if they do it now while my oldest is young because she'll never know any different........................unlike me. I remember riding in the backseat of friends cars before seatbelts were even required. YIKES!!
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