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Re: What "natural" parenting choice freaked your family and friends out the most?

I think just about everything I have done has freaked my family out because it was so "different" from the way my mom did things! And I am glad it freaked them out - at least I know that I am 'breaking the cycle"! It all started when I was pregnant with DD and announced that I would be BFing. No one is my family - other than my step-brothers wife - has breastfed. I guess that just started it off, then came CDing, BWing, co-sleeping, ERFing, and delayed vaxing. I have to say though that my sister that is 17 years younger than me has "crossed over to my side" and says that she and her husband plan on doing things like I did! (with the exception of CD but there's still time to work on her...they are TTC #1). I just LOVE freaking my family out!! haha
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