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Re: What "natural" parenting choice freaked your family and friends out the most?

My side of the family is VERY "in" if you know what I mean but they are all about convenience as much as possible! And they are all big meat eaters too. They all think I'm absolutely insane! They just don't understand why someone would want to make parenting more difficult is what they would say. I'm not very close to that side of my family as we don't see eye to eye on many issues. And they have even gone as far as calling CPS on us because they disagreed with they way we parent. Sad thing is my cousin lets her son who is going to be 4 this Nov, sit in his car seat without doing the shoulder straps and only buckling the bottom. When I brought this to the attention of my aunt that her grandson wasn't being properly secured in his car seat I was told it was none of my business how others choose to parent and I shouldn't push my views on other people. 2 wks later I had CPS at my door saying my children were being neglected because we don't feed them enough and they are always dirty.

As for DH side of the family, my MIL doesn't exactly understand some of the things we choose but she always supports it and always follows our rules when she watches our kids. His grandma is the most amazing woman I've ever known! She had 7 children and she cloth diapered, lived on a very tight budget so she did lots of homemade, she birthed most of her children naturally (the first 2 children were born in a military hospital and they didn't give women ANY say and all women were strapped down and drugged then the baby was delivered for them). So she understand exactly where I'm coming from. She is also a much more open minded person then most people.
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